Daily Prompt: Longing for Gravity

Prompt from here.

If somebody was mad enough to send me to space, what I will miss about the blue planet is of course the blueness.

And because every pictures tells a thousand words (or less)…

  1. Reflection
    I took this one in an early morning in Pamukkale, Turkey. This view was right outside my hotel. Went on October 2012 look at that snowlike chalk mountain! Yep. Not snow.
  2. Gili Trawangan
    Title says it all. Went there last month on my annual leave, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. If you loved sea and diving, you really should visit it. There were 3 islands in the small archipelago, if I could say it so.
    They are called “3G” because they’re all named Gili something: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, Gili Air. The water looked oh-so-pretty in turqoise, and I just knew I have to come back there later. Oh and if you’re wondering where this is, it’s near Lombok. As in Lombok, Indonesia.
  3. Blue
    Nothing is clearer, moves smoother, and stings more viciously than those guys. My brother-in-law got stung once. Didn’t even want to imagine how much it hurt. Took the photo in SEA Aquarium, Singapore in May 2014.
  4. C’est moi
    Now that’s my new header picture. Last time was that all-white photo in Turkey (kindly refer to “The Wanderer” page) so figured I need a new one with a different colour. Taken on the same trip as the 2nd photo in this photoset. I stood on the pier just before going back to the airport, and right in front of me was the blue strait and Mount Rinjani. If you liked hiking or climbing, you would’ve heard of this fab mountain. Or would’ve gone to its peak. Anyway it was an amazing spot to be in and I would really like to go back there later. This time with Gili Nanggu and Komodo Island on the list.
  5. A.O.I.
    Okay so this was another picture of beautiful Turkey. On the way back from Bolu to Ankara, it was a whole long bus trip – but the view was totally worth it. The weather was totally nice since it was autumn and it didn’t rain like it usually does.
  6. Turqoise
    I’m a sucker for turqoise – both the colour and the stones.
  7. Cruise
    Last one, I promised. Bosphorus! Not many feeling is more pleasant than cruising along that strait with the autumn wind blowing against your face and a glass of warm apple tea in your hand.

Now tell me you don’t have a wanderlust.


Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

Prompt from here.

Snappy site analysis:

  • Location: Jakarta
  • Temperature: sizzling
  • Air: pollution, smog
  • Population: mad
  • Stress level: high
  • Traffic: THIS IS SPARTA
  • Life motto: sh*t happens

People need a place to escape the daily grind.

  • Fresh air, lower temperature = more shades, more greenery
  • Calming silence
  • A place to vent without being judged
  • Vehicle-free environment


Silencio ©mk17design

Silencio ©mk17design