The Wanderer

“Not all those who wander are lost.”

Let’s all listen to Tolkien and wander around.
Enjoy life while all the best things come for free!

If any of you were wondering about the header picture.
Yes, that is me yelling “I’m the king of the world!” like a boss.
Taken in October 2012 when I was in Göreme Open-Air Museum, Turkey.

[Changed my header picture!
That’s… still me.
…still yelling “I’m the kind of the world!” like a boss.
This time in Gili Trawangan, Indonesia!
Picture was taken on May 2014.]

I’m MK and this is my life blog.

As you might’ve read in the side bar…
I’m a hobbit an architecture graduate with a job that has nothing to do with it.
Born in the year of snake and a proud Sagittarian – figure it out if you must.

This is where I post random stuff to get rid of the writer’s block.
Or to vent.
Or to brag.
Or to put whatever I want just because I want it.

What else?

My life is a constant battle.
Between my love for food and not wanting to get fat.
Between my love for alcohol and my lack of resistance.
Between my love for printed books and the practicality of e-books.
Between my sloth and my impromptu craving to learn new things.
Between my hedonistic nature and… the recurring stinginess in me.

Most of them are shared here from the one and only sizzling hot Jakarta, Indonesia.


11 thoughts on “The Wanderer

  1. I read all your posts, though I’m guilty of just “liking” instead of commenting. But I just had to say that every time I come to your page and see that picture, I take a deep breath… and smile. It’s like a mini-meditation. :) Love your style– keep writing, keep wandering…

  2. I am so glad that i stumbled upon your blog from DP :) I love the title and the header and the fact that you are random in your posts and that you call yourself a food enthusiast and that you like to cook… Basically bunch of stuff I like. :D

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