You remain: my power, my pleasure, my pain

Title taken from Seal’s “Kiss from A Rose”.
In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Never Gonna Give You Up” and “No Apologies”.

‘Do you need to throw up?’

She shook her head and clenched her eyes shut – not that she needed to. Occasional streetlights penetrated through the tinted window, shooting at her eyelids as if trying to prevent her from dozing off with the help of the sound of racing motorcycles along the road.

‘Are you sure?’

This time she nodded. Through the curtain of messy locks covering her face, her drinking companion’s stare bore a hole at the side of her head. Curled up in the backseat, the road bumps made it difficult to hold it in. It was embarrassing to have mere two bottles of 19% knocking her out to such a stupor. She should’ve stopped at the beginning of the second one but she really hated to be that lame kid who couldn’t handle her liquor…

‘Tell me if you need to.’

Another feeble nod. Shifting sound. Him looking away, probably. Good thing. The last thing she wanted was to look pathetic in front of him. Although it was more of a high hope at this point. What exactly got her there in the first place again? It was some kind of frustration from work… something. She had never been that mad before. What made it different from the previous ones? Nah. It was a somebody. She was close to mentally slaughter somebody really maddening but who was it really… Ah. She shouldn’t be wasting her consciousness on trivial things… could consciousness be wasted? What is consciousness? Something overrated, apparently. Ha! She giggled. She could hear a laugh and low voices from the front seats following, another sign that she was the only one not sober in the car. Well, at least she knew she would get home in one piece. What a relieve. She needed to thank him for taking care of her later. Later. After she got home. Home…

The next morning, she woke up with a half-filled bottle in her bag and a sudden flash of memories.
The reason why she drank…
It was the same reason how she got home safe and sound.


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