Writing Challenge: Sky Full of Stars

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.” Wrote in my phone and edited it on the computer. Wasn’t as short as I thought.

Inspired by a real conversation.
And yes I stole the title from Coldplay. Shush.

‘It’s hard to see stars in here.’

Although it is a common complaint in the North part of the city, I looked up anyway. I wonder how he came up with such notion that second of all times – there were quite some numbers twinkling in the pitch black background tonight. The cold breeze told me it won’t be for long, though. I stopped for a second just to avoid falling on my face along the unevenly-paved parking lot and glanced aside to my drinking partner of the night. He kept walking with his eyes fixed on the sky. Sighing, I followed suit.

Finding any idea to counter the tactless remark against my hometown was not supposed to be a hard thing to do. But that time, it was. So I gave up and replied, ‘It’s because of the pollution. You should go the beach.’

He snickered, the Southern accent popping up in his words like every time he drops his guard. ‘You mean like that place I went to last week?’
I rolled my eyes. ‘That place is crap. Or maybe The Pass? The sky is clearer there.’

‘Are there a lot of pretty girls in bikini there?’
‘…it’s in the mountains.’

‘Ah. No then.’
Effing foreigners. Is that the only thing you look for in my precious city?

I found myself ransacking my memories for any place to simply observe stars but nothing came up. The lights in the lamp-posts flickered as if trying to slam my thoughts down to the ground. I stopped at my track, realising that I have never waste precious seconds to look up and appreciate mother nature – too busy, as the last hundred excuses said. Then I just stared at his back for a while, thinking about this small self-discovery.

Maybe it’s the booze. Maybe it’s me being enlightened. Maybe it’s that son of a gun who enjoys torturing my mental health, simultaneously being someone-whom-I-want-to-drink-with and someone-who-makes-me-want-to-drink. Maybe it’s because I just got myself a simple goal for this new year: to look for stars. For whichever reason it was, a grin crept across my face as I continued walking along the lines of cars. In the middle of the night. Under the rarely-seen stars. Excited.

No matter how much I hate to admit it, I have to give some credits to this frustrating being who keeps accidentally changing me into a different person.
Bit by bit.
But sure.


12 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Sky Full of Stars

      • where are you? that there is such a scarity of stars?

        i rarely see them where i am ( China)
        and it breaks my heart

      • oh yes i thought it was somewhere in indonesia.
        pollution our common enemy indeed.
        i hear jakarta is pretty bad.

        when i lived in guangzhou i couldn’t bear not to see the stars and one night i went out side and looked up at the night sky and said I MUST SEE STARS. I MUST.

        the next night, i saw stars. and the night after, and the night after that.

        sad thing is, where we live now, me and my daughter sometimes see stars. we look up and point and giggle and laugh, and everyone walks past us, wondering what on earth we are looking at.

        i miss the starry starry skies of my home in australia.


      • I’m originally from Brisbane, but I live in China… Suzhou.
        the stars aren’t so easily visible here.
        and the southern hemisphere stars are just jam packed with twinkling beauty.
        northern hemisphere skies ( when you can actually see the stars)
        are pale in comparison.

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