2014 in A Bowl of Soup

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Countdown.” and writing prompt: “Alphabet Soup.” Took forever to finish this because I wanna reminisce 2014 like a boss.

Cheers, 2015 ©mk17design

Cheers, 2015 ©mk17design

A for Authorization
“Trial and error” is basically what comes with it when it came to a mentally-unprepared me. This year, I made thousands of mistakes and (somehow, sometimes) learnt from them – a courtesy of a certain someone who once encouraged me to fail. A lot. For this, I’m torn between saying ‘thank you’ and ‘damn you’.

B for Benedict Cumberbatch
Smaug. Alan Turing. Penguins. That Madam Tussaud wax figure. Come on, people. This year is Smauglock’s year.

C for Someone Whose Name I’m Going To Use in My Next Book If I Ever Finished It
There are 2 kinds of people in your life. First one is the kind of person whom you want to drink with. Second one is the kind of person who makes you need to drink. In the last 5 months, I deal with the one person who turns out to be both.

D for Drinks
A few days ago, it was the first time my folks had seen me getting home a wee bit drunk, smelling like smoke and alcohol. It was a one-time event, I ate a lot during those few hours, I remember everything, and thankfully someone took care of me, but seriously it’s not a pretty sight you want your parents to see.

E for Elimination
Survival of the fittest, they say. Number of people cutting themselves off the grid (ehm) are getting higher this year. I wonder what’ll become of us next year. It’s like sitting on top of Titanic with the iceberg about a kilometer away and still you do nothing because there’s simply nowhere else to go.

F for F*ck You That’s Why
Realising that it’s impossible to please everyone. Not you nor I am a jar of Nutella. Live life the way you want it. Go where you want. Read what you like. Kiss who you feel like kissing. You only live once anyway.

G for Goals
My goal is to have a day off on Christmas. Sounds simple, but it was elusive for the last 3 Christmases so it would be the perfect present for me next year.

H for Hello, Goodbye
Pretty sure every Hello is cursed with a Goodbye. In my case though, there’s always this someone whom I have to say goodbye to before I even say hello. Just because it’s nonsense. This whole thing is absurd, it’s exciting and it’s choking, it became my raison d’être and will probably be the death of me anytime soon. Yet here I am, holding on to a fantasy of impossibility.

I for Idealism
Hard as it is, sometimes it’s unavoidable to think that it’s vain to live our ideals because the world is just too f*cking corrupt to embrace the idea.

J for Father J
Because everything I have up until now, I owe it all to Him.
Also because He’s the pioneer of free-flow wine.

K for Kaleidoscope
The only constant thing in the world is change and I feel like changing a lot from last year. For the better or not, I’ll let others decide.

L for Love
It’s debatably the most overused 4-letter word beside the one that began with F. One can’t live without love, people often tell me. I won’t be able to be who I am right now without the amount of love my dear family and friends give me. On the other hand, love has a wide range. In my case, it begins with trust. Trust means putting a loaded gun into someone else’s hand and believing him/her to not use it against you. I don’t trust a lot of people, but this year I realise that I have quite a handful of them already. And for that, I thank you all.

M for Milan
Made up my mind to save up for Milan Expo 2015. That’s it. That will be my motivation to live in 2015.

N for No
It’s my 3-year-old niece’s favourite word this year.

O for Off The Record
Off-the-record conversations are the best ones I’ve been privileged to have. Definitely one of the few reasons why I’m still here in this blasted place.

P for Proud
Somebody told me he’s proud of me. He has no idea how much I needed it. (On the same conversation, though, he called me a name that made me want to poke him in the eyes so it’s even).

Q for Quotes
My one and only ever-growing post. My hope for next year is that I get to hear a lot from that particular guy again to make this post longer and longer. Stick around, o captain, my captain!

R for Receptions
People are getting married a lot these days. For now, please stop asking when my turn is.

S for Starbucks and Soju
Pretty much my life supplies in 2014.

T for Tickets
Tokyo, Osaka, Singapore, Bali, Gili… not too shabby pour moi.

U for Something I Will Never Write Here
Source of all my tears and bloodshed. Enough said.

V for Villain
Felt like one when I need to do something against my conscience, but the show must go on and the crowd is unforgiving.

W for Workaholics
Take the road less taken, they say. It’s all FUBAR now, isn’t it?

X for X-Ray
When X-ray revealed nothing, I went to the other doctor and was diagnosed with compartment syndrome. Had a bed rest for a week because I wasn’t allowed to walk almost at all. One of the most frustrating week in 2014. That was when I realised I really need to value health more than… well, work.

Y for YOLO
Decisions. Feelings. Getting drunk on booze and blind love. Need I say more?

Z for Zurich
Cabin Pressure’s Zurich episode. Feeeeeeeeels.


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