Come Fly With Me

Photo challenge prompt from here.

This miraculous experience-telling is dedicated to an angel-in-disguise working in Kansai International Airport (KIX) who solves all the problems in the world – or, by that time, in the GA check-in counter.

If you knew this person, please kindly convey my biggest gratitude to him.

Come fly with me ©mk17design

Come fly with me ©mk17design

September 2014.
For the second time in my life, I’m saved by a complete stranger.

Yes, that photo is all Indonesia.
The angel behind this story, however, is not.

It was the first time in my whole life to screw up as big as missing a flight.
In addition to not having any kind of card that’s acceptable for purchase in Japan (don’t ask).

Original flight plan: Osaka – Tokyo – Jakarta.

So on one sunny day in Kansai, I got stranded with my flight home leaving in 3 hours from Narita and no means of transportation that could get me there in time. JSYK it takes around 6 hours trip from Osaka to Tokyo. That, or around JPY 22,000 to get there in 2-3 hours – an amount of cash I didn’t possess (information courtesy of that nice lady in the information centre).

As a desperate measure I bought a train ticket and spent like 5 minutes sitting in the train I didn’t actually ride in the end because it would be useless anyway. I talked to anyone that could give me any information on how to get to Tokyo in 2 hours max. Even Google told me that it’s practically impossible. Last thing I did was lining up the GA check-in counter because that’s the only airline I knew that goes back to Indonesia that day.

Tried to buy a new plane ticket.
They didn’t receive my card.
Clerk got confused and called her supervisor.
This man showed up and she explained the situation.
He helped me try to find ATM.
They didn’t receive my card either.
Showed him my ticket.
Couldn’t change it due to the class booked.
All those in a nutshell: I’m doomed.

I must had looked honestly desperate that time, because (maybe) he felt sorry for this idiotic tourist who missed a bloody flight and got no chance to go back unless deportation is in order. In the end he called his own supervisor and got the approval to reroute my ticket. I repeat. He rerouted my ticket. Even though it’s proooobably like one in a gazillion chance to happen. He told me it’s very very very very special favour. I believed him. That time I could almost see a halo hovering above his head as I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

The guy who got me back home safe and sound was named Fujiwara E.
If you read this by any chance, Fujiwara-san, I do hope your whole life is blessed.
And I learned from my mistake to never depend on hotel’s wake-up call to catch an early morning flight.


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