Manifesto: Appreciate.

Prompt from here,
with a touch of this prompt.
“Write a manifesto”, they said.
Took ages to Google what it really means.
Is this even a manifesto?

1. Recognize the full worth of.
2. Understand (a situation) fully; recognize the full implications of.

It’s easy to explain what this word means, but it could be quite hard to actually try and it. Have you appreciated something today? Life’s been good to me lately, so I’m taking these moments to actually stop and… well, stare.

Don’t just stare.

“You see, but you do not observe.”

What are the things you take for granted?

The random coins you found in the pocket of your jeans?
Your parents calling just to say hi?
That time when you managed to squeeze the last drop out of your toothpaste tube?


Get used to doing it.
It makes this world a better place.

Don’t know where to start?
Try this.

  1. Fact: my small rented room.
    What to appreciate: its air-con and water heater and cable TV.
  2. Fact: messy piles of clothes.
    What to appreciate: piles of clothes.
  3. Fact: a very old laptop I got for free from the university.
    What to appreciate: it’s f*cking free.
  4. Fact: I’m …short.
    What to appreciate: I’m …quite healthy.
  5. Fact: I’m kinda broke.
    What to appreciate: Not broke enough. Still be able to play for electricity.
  6. Fact: Work is exhausting.
    What to appreciate: I have a job.
  7. Fact: My room smells like cigarette smoke.
    What to appreciate: …wait, how to do this one. I don’t even smoke.
    Oh. It meant that one particular smoker is patient enough to deal with me and teach me stuff, spending long enough time doing so until the smell sticks.

Well that last one is quite a stretch but hey, at least I tried.

How about you?
What are the things you take for granted?

Look around you.


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