Wake up and smell the –

Prompt from here.
A recycled fic just because it’s almost 4 in the morning and I miss watching Suits, so here’s something that I’d like to imagine happen in what looked like Harvey Specter’s office.

yes, I shamelessly stole a name from BBC Sherlock.




Knock, knock.

‘Come in.’

The infamous probie huffed and clicked the door open, a heavy folder tucked in her arms. ‘Good evening,’ she said to the man sitting in his desk, ‘you requested for a report regarding th-‘

‘The Anderson case?’ he cut in, looking up immediately. She cleared her throat to keep herself from laughing at his loose tie and tousled hair. Despite the fact that she worked for him, there were times when she couldn’t think of him as other than a co-worker due to his age. Perks of being a prodigy, everyone’s golden rookie – probably.

‘Exactly.’ She dropped the folder on his desk and smiled. ‘I’m done for the day. If you don’t need anything else, I’ll be going. And with all due respect, Sir, I think so should you.’

He blinked and stopped whatever it is he was doing. The table on the other side of the room had a pot of coffee that looked suspiciously untouched, seeing how it was full yet no longer hot. He sighed. She noticed the city lights flickered behind him beyond the glass-walled office, another feeble reminder of how late it had been.

‘It’s 11 PM. And with all due respect, you look even more tired than me.’ He snickered. She rolled her eyes and tugged at her shirt just for the heck of it  He stood up, strolled across the room and poured two cups of the cold dose of caffeine. ‘Here, have some. I’ve had too much these days. At least stay awake until you got home safe, yeah? Can’t have my associate collapse in the middle of this hellish period.’

She rolled her eyes, but took the offer anyway. After a horrible cup of cold coffee, she got home safe that night as he wished.

The next morning, out of curiosity, she tried to assure herself the coffee was bad due to being forgotten for hours. How wrong she was.

‘I just realised how horrible our coffee is,’ she chuckled, glancing at the coffee machine in the pantry. The freckled office boy laughed as he continued making what looked like someone else’s cup of… tea?

‘When did you start drinking them “cheap office caffeine”?’ he laughed. ‘I failed to give you any for weeks.’
She bit a cookie and replied lightly, ‘Nah. My boss offered me some when I dropped my report last night. It would be impolite to refuse, but truth be told it was… eugh.’

‘He gave you… coffee?’
‘Nearly poisoned me with it last night.’

‘From his office.’
‘…the fact that you’re bothered by him having coffee is amusing me.’

He looked at her with a sudden interest. ‘Well, because that’s weird.’ The disbelieved tone sounded almost sarcastic in her ears.
She looked up from the half-filled mug. ‘What’s weird?’

‘I’ve spent two years here making everyone’s coffee. He doesn’t drink any.’


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