A Study in Pink

Prompt from here.
Dedicated to the kind stranger,
who showed up that one snowy night in Tokyo.
Bless you, mister.

Didn't take this pic, but it looked something like this.

Didn’t take this pic, but it looked something like this. Source: here.

There was a time when I laughed at people who dragged their massive suitcases along the pavements… but this was not one of those moments.

For once in my life, I wonder how far my own stupidity could stretch about, for:

  1. I was on a trip to a country where I’ll be relying on public transports
  2. The public transport is subway
  3. Not all subway stations have escalators
  4. My suitcase is shocking pink (to make it easier to find in the airport)
  5. It’s also massive
  6. Have I mentioned it’s stupidly massive?
  7. And it’s filled up with random things from booze to Disneyland headgears
  8. Which makes it a lot heavier than it should
  9. I’m one tiny lass
  10. My plane is leaving in 2 hours
  11. I barely speak their language

Add all those facts up and you’ll get a freaking tourist stuck in the subway station with a huge pink suitcase and no strength to lift it up back to ground level.

But miracle does exist sometimes.
An angel in disguise saw that pitiful being that was me (and the bloody pink thing) and offered me help. I didn’t even remember what he looked like or what he was wearing, but I remember he spoke English (mind you, it was a country where everyone’s English vocabulary seemed to be almost zero. Nada).

Before I realised what was happening, he helped me lift the suitcase up all along the loooong stairway and within a minute I was on ground level – traffic lights and all, with my suitcase standing next to me. All I could manage was a flustered “Thank you.” – and poof – off he went somewhere else.

But you know… if you had a friend who was in some station in mid-January 2013 and he told you he helped a stupid tourist with a pink suitcase in the middle of the night… please tell him I send my regards.


9 thoughts on “A Study in Pink

  1. I hope someone he knows sees this (or even better, he reads it himself) and you get to meet him properly. A very charming story; it’s a real testament to how kindness is still out there just waiting for stranded tourists and hot pink suitcases. <3 :)

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