Daily Prompt: Long Exposure

Prompt from here.
Here’s something I wrote long ago due to excessive marathon of Fullmetal Alchemist.




‘I will never marry anyone shorter than me.’

That instant reply made the six-year-old boy froze on the spot.
His stare went from the little girl – who rejected his simple, innocent proposal with an even simpler answer – to the glass of milk on the table. Quickly he turned on his heels and climbed on the chair to reach for the latter, gulping it down as fast as he could.
The scene repeated itself for quite some times until he had to leave somewhere else.

The next time she met him, it was almost two decades later.
He grew up. So did she.

So when she first saw him, she mischievously said, ‘You’re taller!’
For which he replied with a grin,

‘So you’ll marry me now?’


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