Photo challenge: Container

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This week is too heavy for me to get philosophical so here’s something that contains something that contains another something that will alleviate all my problems.

Rainbow ©mk17design

Rainbow ©mk17design


Wake up and smell the –

Prompt from here.
A recycled fic just because it’s almost 4 in the morning and I miss watching Suits, so here’s something that I’d like to imagine happen in what looked like Harvey Specter’s office.

yes, I shamelessly stole a name from BBC Sherlock.




Knock, knock.

‘Come in.’

The infamous probie huffed and clicked the door open, a heavy folder tucked in her arms. ‘Good evening,’ she said to the man sitting in his desk, ‘you requested for a report regarding th-‘

‘The Anderson case?’ he cut in, looking up immediately. She cleared her throat to keep herself from laughing at his loose tie and tousled hair. Despite the fact that she worked for him, there were times when she couldn’t think of him as other than a co-worker due to his age. Perks of being a prodigy, everyone’s golden rookie – probably.

‘Exactly.’ She dropped the folder on his desk and smiled. ‘I’m done for the day. If you don’t need anything else, I’ll be going. And with all due respect, Sir, I think so should you.’

He blinked and stopped whatever it is he was doing. The table on the other side of the room had a pot of coffee that looked suspiciously untouched, seeing how it was full yet no longer hot. He sighed. She noticed the city lights flickered behind him beyond the glass-walled office, another feeble reminder of how late it had been.

‘It’s 11 PM. And with all due respect, you look even more tired than me.’ He snickered. She rolled her eyes and tugged at her shirt just for the heck of it  He stood up, strolled across the room and poured two cups of the cold dose of caffeine. ‘Here, have some. I’ve had too much these days. At least stay awake until you got home safe, yeah? Can’t have my associate collapse in the middle of this hellish period.’

She rolled her eyes, but took the offer anyway. After a horrible cup of cold coffee, she got home safe that night as he wished.

The next morning, out of curiosity, she tried to assure herself the coffee was bad due to being forgotten for hours. How wrong she was.

‘I just realised how horrible our coffee is,’ she chuckled, glancing at the coffee machine in the pantry. The freckled office boy laughed as he continued making what looked like someone else’s cup of… tea?

‘When did you start drinking them “cheap office caffeine”?’ he laughed. ‘I failed to give you any for weeks.’
She bit a cookie and replied lightly, ‘Nah. My boss offered me some when I dropped my report last night. It would be impolite to refuse, but truth be told it was… eugh.’

‘He gave you… coffee?’
‘Nearly poisoned me with it last night.’

‘From his office.’
‘…the fact that you’re bothered by him having coffee is amusing me.’

He looked at her with a sudden interest. ‘Well, because that’s weird.’ The disbelieved tone sounded almost sarcastic in her ears.
She looked up from the half-filled mug. ‘What’s weird?’

‘I’ve spent two years here making everyone’s coffee. He doesn’t drink any.’

A Study in Pink

Prompt from here.
Dedicated to the kind stranger,
who showed up that one snowy night in Tokyo.
Bless you, mister.

Didn't take this pic, but it looked something like this.

Didn’t take this pic, but it looked something like this. Source: here.

There was a time when I laughed at people who dragged their massive suitcases along the pavements… but this was not one of those moments.

For once in my life, I wonder how far my own stupidity could stretch about, for:

  1. I was on a trip to a country where I’ll be relying on public transports
  2. The public transport is subway
  3. Not all subway stations have escalators
  4. My suitcase is shocking pink (to make it easier to find in the airport)
  5. It’s also massive
  6. Have I mentioned it’s stupidly massive?
  7. And it’s filled up with random things from booze to Disneyland headgears
  8. Which makes it a lot heavier than it should
  9. I’m one tiny lass
  10. My plane is leaving in 2 hours
  11. I barely speak their language

Add all those facts up and you’ll get a freaking tourist stuck in the subway station with a huge pink suitcase and no strength to lift it up back to ground level.

But miracle does exist sometimes.
An angel in disguise saw that pitiful being that was me (and the bloody pink thing) and offered me help. I didn’t even remember what he looked like or what he was wearing, but I remember he spoke English (mind you, it was a country where everyone’s English vocabulary seemed to be almost zero. Nada).

Before I realised what was happening, he helped me lift the suitcase up all along the loooong stairway and within a minute I was on ground level – traffic lights and all, with my suitcase standing next to me. All I could manage was a flustered “Thank you.” – and poof – off he went somewhere else.

But you know… if you had a friend who was in some station in mid-January 2013 and he told you he helped a stupid tourist with a pink suitcase in the middle of the night… please tell him I send my regards.

Daily Prompt: Long Exposure

Prompt from here.
Here’s something I wrote long ago due to excessive marathon of Fullmetal Alchemist.




‘I will never marry anyone shorter than me.’

That instant reply made the six-year-old boy froze on the spot.
His stare went from the little girl – who rejected his simple, innocent proposal with an even simpler answer – to the glass of milk on the table. Quickly he turned on his heels and climbed on the chair to reach for the latter, gulping it down as fast as he could.
The scene repeated itself for quite some times until he had to leave somewhere else.

The next time she met him, it was almost two decades later.
He grew up. So did she.

So when she first saw him, she mischievously said, ‘You’re taller!’
For which he replied with a grin,

‘So you’ll marry me now?’

Jakarta Old Town Reborn: Kota Tua Creative Festival 2014

Weekly photo challenge theme was… “relic”!
Prompt from here.

Batavia ©mk17design

Batavia ©mk17design


Pronunciation: /ˈrɛlɪk /

1.    An object surviving from an earlier time, especially one of historical interest: a museum of railway relics
1.1  A part of a deceased holy person’s body or belongings kept as an object of reverence: miracles wrought by the relics of St Stephen
1.2 A person or thing that has survived from an earlier time but is now outmoded: the supermodel has become an embarrassing relic from the early 1990s

Middle English: from Old French relique (originally plural), from Latin reliquiae (see reliquiae).

Speaking of the devil.

There was an event called KTCF 2014 last month, short for Kota Tua Creative Festival 2014. “Kota Tua” means “Old Town”, in this context referring to the historical parts of the oh-so-grand Jakarta. If you don’t know where Jakarta is, check the news site. It’s a capital city of the country that’s having a massive presidential election dilemma at the moment.

KTCF 2014

KTCF 2014

The event was focusing on revitalising this particular historical site – Old Town Jakarta. The site had been abandoned for quite some time until the latest governor, the first one who actually gives a damn about this forgotten part of the city, started to take care of it and liven things up.

To start it all, when we say Kota Tua, we usually refer to the area consisting of The Fatahillah Square, the ancient-yet-still-functioning train station (called Stasiun Beos / Stasiun Jakarta Kota), the heaps of abandoned buildings often used for photoshoot, and the line of museums surrounding the site. Those, and probably the river that nobody sane would jump into.

This is what the site normally looks like.

Didn't take this picture but look at that cat. Curiosity hasn't got her!

This is the Fatahillah Square and the Fatahillah Museum.Didn’t take this picture but look at that cat. Curiosity hasn’t got her!

Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images. Check this amazing building!

The interior of Rumah Akar. Photo by Ed Wray/Getty Images. Check out this amazing building!

Like I said, amazing spots for photoshoot. I once had one in that place – it was awesomely dramatic. Although if you knew the mysteries about this places, you might wanna think twice before doing anything in there.


Kota tua Creative Festival is all about bring this place back to life and making it a part of the current Jakarta life instead of just another weekend spot for the tourists and photo hunters.

There were installations and architecture exhibition of works by international starchitects like MVRDV, Shau, OMA/AMO, and local architects Han Awal and Yori Antar. Projects with visions of mixed-use programs in the old ruins, my favourite project in the exhibitions done by OMA/AMO (check the first photo in this post, the scale model was for this one). And something that reminded me of Marina Bay Sands’s Gardens by The Bay… like, seriously. Wasn’t expecting that from MVRDV. There were a round table discussion that went on with a square table instead (because, as explained by one of the hosts Imelda Akmal, round tables are hard to find). There were museum walks and art exhibitions…

Check out this vid by DGI (Desain Grafis Indonesia).

There were pop-up stalls featuring urban sketchers and local artisans. Live music. This simple yet pretty installations, featuring the dreams of Jakarta citizens of the city.

Dreams ©mk17design

Dreams ©mk17design

The vibe tickled the well-hidden architecture graduate in me. It was all good, all exciting, and all kinds of refreshing. That was how Jakarta is supposed to be.

Our current Jakarta governor goes by the name “Ahok”, used to be the vice-governor to the ever-famous Jokowi. Now that he’s running for the president spot, Ahok filled in the governor seat. Just so you know, this duo was the first ruling officials that actually gave a sh*t about the city and took actions to fix it.

I have high hopes for this city, and I believe if the programs were to be acted on, Jakarta will change into a better place instead of just another piece of forgotten relic.

Yes, chef!

Being figuratively strapped to my bed (check the post from around 2 days ago to see why), I’ve been spending my time staring at the telly – and half of the time there’s always all sorts of chefs torturing me from the other side of the world.

So here’s some videos of all the foodgasm on my screen that I decided to put here just in case I get a day off and got into the mood for cooking something proper.

And by ‘proper’, I mean something other than instant noodle.
Although Indomie is always an option.

  1. Gordon Ramsay’s scrambled eggs
  2. Heston Blumenthal’s scrambled eggs
  3. Jamie Oliver’s scrambled eggs – 3 ways!
  4. Enough with the scrambled eggs.
    Here’s tuna and banana, featuring Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris.

……………………okay so the last one wasn’t a recipe vid but what the hey.

When I was a little kid I’ve always wondered why mums like to watch cooking shows, but then I grew up.
In Indonesia.
The spice nation (no other country cooks rendang like we do, okay).

With a cable TV.
Which means Anthony Bourdain. Jamie Oliver. Nigella Lawson. Curtis Stone. Gordon Ramsay. George Calombaris. Gary Mehigan. Heston Blumenthal. Rick Stein. And a whole load of talents who make the word “foodgasm” possible.

Masterchef got me into the kitchen.
Jamie Oliver introduced me to pasta.
The rest is history and the fact that food alleviates almost everything.

It’s 2 in the morning.
Not sure if anyone’s reading this but cheers.