Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction #1

Prompt from here.
#1 is to compensate the atmosphere of #2 that I will post after this.

“Are you sure about this?” he mumbled.

But the blonde girl next to him merely smiled.
“Don’t tell me it’s your first?” she smirked, tugging at her sleeves.

The redheaded lad shook his head frantically and fumbled at his seat, desperately searching for something to hold on to. He gulped audibly.

Apparently God didn’t hear his prayer (it made him wonder ‘what sin did he commit earlier to deserve this?’).

“Ready?” she said, grinning.
“No,” he whimpered, closing his eyes.

With that, she stepped on the gas pedal and the car screeched its way out of the parking lot.


3 thoughts on “Writing Challenge: Flash Fiction #1

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