Daily Prompt: It’s My Party

Prompt from here.
A completely plotless starter just because.

‘Have I met you before?’

I found the unfamiliar pair of blue eyes staring at me through the mask when I turned to look who poked me in the ribs rather rudely. The annoyed frown on my face must had been obvious. Instead of waiting for my reply, he smiled apologetically and chuckled, bowing as he introduced himself. Judging from what he was wearing he was probably trying to pull off a… Sherlock.

About that.

I might’ve not mentioned that this whole masquerade party thing is the biggest event this firm does just to make sure people like me get a proper supply of booze and show their inner geeks without being jeered at for at least once in every half-a-year. Considering this young man’s attitude, he was a newbie – probably an intern, because anyone who’s worked here at least a month would know better than to go near me lest he want to… suffer certain consequences. And they would know who I am even with the stupid Venetian mask and festive dress I was wearing.

So… back to young Mr. Holmes (although I don’t think I have the right to call him that. He looked the same age as I am). Fortunately enough there was wine left in my glass so he would have to bear the rare, courteous me. This time.

‘Nice to meet you, Mr. Detective,’ I sighed, ‘how may I entertain you this evening?’
He laughed. “Isn’t there enough entertainment in this room alone to keep all these people up the whole night, Milady?’

I rolled my eyes. Newbies and their carefree attitude they tend to brush off as charming. Ah, the naivety in it all. ‘I’m not all these people.’ One sip of wine. Two sips of wine. I had to get out of here before I ran out of the heavenly tranquilizer. ‘Now if you’d excuse me, I have things to do.’

‘You mean more wine to savour.’
‘I’m not aware that we’re keeping tracks now.’

‘Oh, we don’t. I’m a detective. I deduce.’
Smooth, I thought over the loud clinks of silverwares and buzzing chatters roaming over a gazillion legitimate imposters.  ‘And what else have you observed?’

‘Nothing big but the fact that you should ditch that crappy wine in your hand and let me take you to the real deal.’

That wasn’t the last glass of good wine I let him take me to.


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