Daily Prompt: Far from Home

Prompt from here.

The same old caramel latte steamed on the low table where the same young girl sits in every morning. Her eyes hadn’t left the windows she had been staring at for the last few minutes, probably witnessing the snowflakes turning into another heavy rain. ‘Maybe homesick,’ guessed the barista while the waiter glanced at her.

True, she lived out of a suitcase, but the reason she had been staring out the window was the man in blue blazer standing right across the street. She watched him, humoured as he tried and failed to open his umbrella due to the wind – in the end waiting for the traffic light to turn red and ran towards the cafe.

The wind blew as the door opened, revealing a clearer sight of the soaking man and his malfunctioning umbrella. The corner of her lips tugged up, unable to hold back the smile now decorating her face.

‘Horrible weather,’ she commented.

He ran his fingers through his hair and glanced her way as if saying “You think?”. The door closes behind him and he stayed for a moment at the entrance; standing on the mat while reading the menu on the blackboard behind the bar at the same time to avoid flooding the floor.

The girl didn’t take her eyes off of the man.
That was how the barista knew that his guess wasn’t completely wrong.

She was far from home – that was where he was right.
But she had no drop of homesick blood running in her vein.
And the reason of it just walked up to order the same caramel latte to him.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Far from Home

  1. Absolutely love this piece of writing and can’t wait to read more. I personally love letting my thoughts wonder over strangers – something that makes me a little self-conscious for time to time, I hope not too many people do the same to me.

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