Daily Prompt: Take Care

Prompt from here.

From +6281xxxxxxxx
Message received 05:57
just heard. u ok?

From +6281xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:01
Where r u rn?

From +6282xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:02
Please bring the documents for the meeting tomorrow. Thank you.

From +6283xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:05
Where do you keep the invoice for the projectors? URGENT. Thanks.

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:13
are you coming to work tomorrow?

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:14
are you coming to work tomorrow?

From +6285xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:14
mum called. what happened there?

You to +6281xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:11
I’m OK. See you tomorrow.

You to +6282xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:11
Sorry for late reply. Will do. Thank you.

You to +6283xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:13
Sorry for late reply. Red folder, meeting room 5 shelf.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:12

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:12
Will t

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:14

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:15

You to +6285xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:15
Too stressed. No worries. Had the meds, now resting.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:17
Think so. Need something?

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 09:23
just checking. see you tomorrow. take care ok.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:27
See you tomorrow.


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