Daily Prompt: Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

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Peanuts go nuts ©mk17design

Peanuts go nuts ©mk17design


Daily Prompt: In Good Faith

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Agnus Dei

The young man stood still under the Holy Mother’s statue.
His amber eyes jerked everywhere as if afraid of anyone noticing his presence.

Agnus Dei

The heavy rain outside had him soaked from the top of the golden strands to the end of his soles, but he didn’t seem to care.

Qui tollis pecata mundi

Silently, he opened the wooden door beside him.
He then entered the tiny, dark room and dropped to his knee, crying.

Donna eis requiem

And although he knew that nobody was there…
“Forgive me Father, for I have sinned–”

Donna eis requiem.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves

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Parabola ©mk17design

Parabola ©mk17design

Daily Prompt: Take Care

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From +6281xxxxxxxx
Message received 05:57
just heard. u ok?

From +6281xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:01
Where r u rn?

From +6282xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:02
Please bring the documents for the meeting tomorrow. Thank you.

From +6283xxxxxxxx
Message received 06:05
Where do you keep the invoice for the projectors? URGENT. Thanks.

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:13
are you coming to work tomorrow?

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:14
are you coming to work tomorrow?

From +6285xxxxxxxx
Message received 07:14
mum called. what happened there?

You to +6281xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:11
I’m OK. See you tomorrow.

You to +6282xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:11
Sorry for late reply. Will do. Thank you.

You to +6283xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:13
Sorry for late reply. Red folder, meeting room 5 shelf.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:12

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:12
Will t

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:14

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message saved in draft 09:15

You to +6285xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:15
Too stressed. No worries. Had the meds, now resting.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:17
Think so. Need something?

From +6284xxxxxxxx
Message received 09:23
just checking. see you tomorrow. take care ok.

You to +6284xxxxxxxx
Message sent 09:27
See you tomorrow.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting

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Christmas in June ©mk17design

Christmas in June ©mk17design

End of Day

exhaustion |igˈzôs ch ən|
1 a state of extreme physical or mental fatigue
2 the action or state of using something up or of being used up completely

My feet hurt.

There were a lot of things that I want to rant about that time, but synchronising both my brain and tongue was such a hard thing to do when I couldn’t even support my own weight. Sliding down against the wall, I closed my eyes and sighed as I finally slumped on the floor. The loose tee I randomly picked in the morning stuck on my back. Another drop of sweat rolled down my neck – not the first time in the last ten hours, adding another ounce of annoyance to the already unbearable itch to jump into a swimming pool somewhere out there.

The temperature was high, the air humid and unmoving in the room filled with the stench of terpentine. Anyone who possesses conscience wouldn’t expect anyone to do any kind of manual labour in this kind of atmosphere but my workmates don’t call this place a hellhole for no reason.

‘You okay?’

Eyes jerked open, I looked up and realised the door had been ajar the whole time – standing by it a surprised face drenched in sweat and the usual clipboard in his hand. My mouth opened but no words came out. My head started throbbing again as the tip of my toes turned numb. Any answer would be futile – “no” would sound like a drama queen yet “yes” would be a lie. So I swallowed and took a deep breath, bumping the back of my head against the wall in silent exhaustion.

He seemed to get my drift.

Closing the door behind him, he proceeded to the only desk in the room and sat down with a soft creak. I glanced his way. He leaned back in the black office chair, suddenly letting go of the stiff posture people like him maintained all the time – something out of place in the peculiar kind of crowd I work with.

‘Are you?’ I finally replied with a croaked voice.

All I got was a sarcastic laugh, the sound instantly tugging at the corner of my lips.
Who would’ve thought?

He might be one of us after all.