“My name is Khan.”

Sounds like that movie where an Indian guy fought all the way to the US president just to tell him that he’s not a terrorist.

But no, I’m not talking about that one.
This time, I blame J. J. Abrams and the newest Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Allow me to channel my Cumberbatch feelings.
Who hasn’t watched the movie, please look away.
This has been your spoiler alert.

In all honesty, I’ve never really paid any proper attention to Star Trek, Star Wars, or any kind of space sci-fi movies before.
It’s just not my genre.

But then Sherlock decided to die and disguise himself as a villain in USS Enterprise.

Look at that back. Aye. That's Mr Holmes.

Look at that back. Aye. That’s Mr Holmes from 221B.

I went to the cinema with my fellow Cumberbatch fans, and the first time I heard his voice on the big screen I internally screamed with pride (please note that I haven’t even seen his face, but that voice couldn’t be mistaken). After all this time. It’s like watching your baby grow. In this case, from “that mini-series detective guy” to a big-screen hit. The last I saw him was on Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – a mind-boggling one, guaranteed to make you think twice about everything – and I haven’t even watched War Horse and everything else.

After the Sherlock crisis this whole time (season 3 takes forever but hey at least they’ll be back for Christmas), I’ve been feeding on Cabin Pressure. You don’t know Cabin Pressure? YOU SHOULD START LISTENING TO IT. And now that Cabin Pressure hasn’t continued to season 5 as far as I know, I’m deprived. Rewatching Sherlock for a million times could ruin my laptop. But now this thing came up and now I’m living my Cumberbatch feelings again.

Villain of the year!

Villain of the year!


I don’t follow Star Trek so I don’t know anything about why John Harrison’s real name is Khan Something Something Singh, which is an Indian name… but seriously I think even Hollywood is trying to scoop all the fangirls in the world with its awkward Kirk/Spock moment – which has been flooding my Twitter timeline. I have issues with Kirk’s almost-dying moment made sentimental.

On the other hand, let’s give credits to the graphics.
It’s Star Trek. You can’t make a good Star Trek without graphics that won’t make people go ‘wow’. Also who wouldn’t say no to Starfleet’s surveillance camera tech? We could do with zooming in on a villain’s face and view it like a 3DMax object.

Couldn’t make an objective review on this movie due to my total focus on Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting but a little birdie told me it’s much better than Iron Man 3. Now the next I should watch is… The Great Gatsby. Ah, well. Life awaits. Cao.


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