Daily Prompt: Unknown Caller

Prompt from here.

Staring out the window, she sighed.
Traffic jam – typical Jakarta. And if the sun wasn’t as warm as it was, then it wouldn’t be this particular city either. Even in the air-conned sedan it still made her skin prickle.

She glanced at the driver, her eyes half closed. Having no proper sleep for two nights in a row was starting to take its toll on her, but still she tried hard to stay awake at least until she reached the office – just because it would be another hell if her supervisor caught her sleeping on working hours.

Being quite helpful to the situation, her phone blared out out of the blue. Pulled out of daydream, she fumbled inside her bag and silently cursing the loud volume of The Rembrandt’s “I’ll Be There For You” ringtone. The driver looked up at her through the rare view mirror as she smiled apologetically at him. Now where is that little – ha!

Private Number

Well that was weird. Who would be calling her from a private number… although she did have one like years before, but that was just a friend bragging about the new phone and provider’s service. Three seconds passed. Oh well.


Her eyebrow raised.
She repeated the greeting.
This time, a clear voice answered.
The corner of her lips tugged up as soon as she heard her name being called.

She knew exactly who it was.


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