Weekly Writing + Phoneography Challenge: Iconic

Prompt from here.

Vintage ©mk17design

Vintage ©mk17design


The shop was never crowded.

The redheaded girl sighed and looked around at the tiny space she was supposed to look after. It might look full and well-stocked, but in her honest opinion it was a whole lot of used belongings she had to sell in the end.

Some people just brought them for measly petty cash and never return to buy their stuff back. Some others blatantly sell give them up for another thing they saw in the shop. There was no common sense she could think of regarding the reason her great-grandfather opened this shop in the first place, but after quite a few decades it had become some kind of legacy and there she found herself volunteering to look after it every summer.

To keep boredom away, she had made an agenda. A-shelf-a-day inspection. She would see every item she could get her hands on and write a story on each and every one of them.

Today’s schedule: the music shelf.

The box filled with old cassettes.
She grinned mischievously, words running wild in her mind.

A boy used to own this.

He drove an old sedan that belonged to his dad.
Blue sedan, running along the street.
Then he spotted a pretty girl right in the corner.
He wanted to impress her.
There was a flower shop, but he didn’t have cash on him.
So he pulled over and hand his beloved box of music for some notes in this shop.
He then ran out, purchased a bouquet of roses.
He chased her.
Gave her the flowers.
She was flustered.
She –

The doorbell clanged, making her jump in surprise.

Quickly she shoved the box under the table and looked up. A pair of brown eyes stared back at her from the entrance. Ah, him.

‘Took you long enough,’ she sighed, taking out the box again and put it on the counter. ‘Here’s your precious box of weird music.’

Her customer laughed and took out some cash – enough to buy the whole box back. ‘You loved the roses more than these babies, I got it. You’ve told me that a thousand times, but I’m still buying them back.’

She could only roll her eyes as she gave his box back, bidding him goodbye.
He waved and left the shop.
She watched him go, one statement ringing in her head.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.



This holy shoebox filled with cassettes.

Not CD, not mp3 player, not iPod, nothing but good old cassettes.

They keep me awake every time I drive. Every single person who had entered my car would know about this stack of music. I don’t think anyone else still listen to cassettes nowadays.

I’m not against technology but even if I had the money the techs can’t change my car’s audio to the one with USB jack ’cause apparently my car is ancient and there’s no port/cable/techy thingy that will fit into the original slot (love it though).

Any album you recognize and/or once listened to from the pile?
Bonus cookie if you knew the blue one in the middle.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Writing + Phoneography Challenge: Iconic

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  2. I love cassettes. Still have mine stashed away in my cabinet at home. :) I am very possessive about them…good read btw. :)

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