Daily Prompt: Déjà Vu

Prompt from here.

He’s taller than I last saw him.
That was my first thought when the familiar silhouette came out of the next room, me standing at the other end of the corridor with a bulky folder in my hands.

The next one was ‘he wasn’t supposed to be here’.
What business could he possibly have to even step into my office, my safe haven? From what I remembered he was supposed to work in a totally different department.

Had he changed job?
That job of his was a passion.
I doubt he would ever leave it for the sake of cash.
It’s not like he needed it.

I stood rooted on my spot and kept glancing aside.

So he was taller.
And skinnier.
That navy blazer hung a bit looser for my liking.
I wanted to deduce that work got the best of him, but that geeky yet sheepish smile of his hadn’t disappeared from that face.
The only magnificent change is the lack of glasses.
Not complaining though.

I sighed.
Audible enough for him to hear it and looked my way.
He raised his eyebrows.
I chuckled, walking up to him.

‘What?’ he asked, grinning.
I merely rolled my eyes and dragged him away by the sleeves.

He’s not you.

He was taller than you.
And skinnier than you.
He wasn’t wearing any glasses.
You were.

It was a delusion.
My delusion.
I inherited that when you left.

It was a delusion,
a hallucination,
a déjà vu.


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