Daily Prompt: Local Flavor

Prompt from here.

This is pretty fun because I’m currently working with a lot of foreigners and they all give me and my colleagues weird stares whenever we do something that’s out of their culture (yet, we love seeing their reaction to everything we do).

For example, one sunny day.

A local: “Before we start today’s event… let’s pray.”
All locals: *look down and silently pray*
All foreigners: “………..?”
One of the foreigners: *actually poked one of the locals and whispered* “What are they doing?”
The poked local: “Praying.”
Another foreigner: “Why are they praying?”
That same local: “So today’s event goes well.”
That first foreigner: “…is this normal?”

All those happened while we were still praying (or rather tried to).
Or when we were having lunch…

Local A: *offers banana fritters, aka “pisang goreng”*

Foreigner A: “Ah, I know that, it’s goreng pisang right?”
All locals: “No, it’s pisang goreng.”
Foreigner A: “But in my place it’s called goreng pisang.”
Local B: “Well this is from Indonesia.”
Local C: “And we call this pisang goreng.”
Foreigner A: “BUT-”
Foreigner B: (to foreigner A) “You’re the minority. Give up already.”

You know how much we love tourists and foreigners, but us locals are very much protective on a few things – among them our food and our language. Pretty much whatever you say in invalid when you’re among us and our traditional food.


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