Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime

Prompt from here.

Nasi timbel ©mk17design

Nasi timbel ©mk17design

Well this is something you might not see where you live (although I might not have a clue where you are, but anyway).

My lunch!

Thiiiiiis is called “nasi timbel”.
“Nasi” = “rice”.
“Timbel”… is the name… of… the dish.

I’m a terrible tour guide, but this is one of those rice-with-something dishes you’ll find in Indonesia.

Clockwise, from 12 o’clock:

  • lalap (fresh veggies)
  • sambal (basically super spicy chillies)
  • ayam goreng (fried chicken, but much better than the fast food ones)
  • sayur asem (some kind of sweet and sour and spicy soup with pumpkins and nuts and corn cobs and other veggies)
  • …rice
  • and in the middle: tofu and tempe (soy products! Don’t we love fried stuff that’s made from soy)

Sit under a ceiling fan, add a glass of sweetened iced tea, and enjoy the heat.

Welcome to Indonesia.


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