Daily Prompt: Undo

Prompt from here.

Talking about un-inventing things, I would probably think of one thing.
Which is not really a thing and this might sound like a sensitive issue so I’m just gonna put this one under a “read more” post.

And the thing I’d like to un-invent is…



One might ask why and whether I believe in God or not, so…

I’m going to make this clear for once.
I have no issue with The Higher Power Up There.
I have issues with the mortal men down here.

I have been in a place (or more) where I’ve been judged based on my belief.
Maybe I still am.
Which is probably why I started thinking that it has the same effect as race in some bad places.

Someone – I think it’s Morgan Freeman but correct me if I’m wrong – once said the only way to stop racism is to stop thinking about it.
I agree.
It might be a good thing to do the same with religion.

What does it do other than putting up boundaries in humanity?

Sounds mean and thoughtless, but it’s not the first time I’ve ever thought of this.
Maybe it’s just because of the people running down my part of the world.
Maybe it’s just me.
Who cares.

…well that’s enough ranting for a post, so I’ll end this one before I made some kind of uprise or flames sent into my inbox.

And for God’s sake, people, love thy neighbour.
Especially when I live next to you.


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