Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

Prompt from here.

“The last man on earth froze as he heard a knock on his door.”


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

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  3. Knock, knock..
    “Who’s there?” TLMOE (The Last Man On Earth) asked
    “Saint Jude…” a calm male voice answered on the other side
    “Saint Jude? WTF!” TLMOE repeated
    “Yes, It’s me Saint Jude” The voice said
    “Are things that bad…?” TLMOE replied
    “Theologically, no… but in earthly terms, yes.” The voice said
    “So how can you help me?” Asked TLMOE
    “I’ll walk you across the thin veil…” Said the voice
    “I’m not ready!” yelled TLMOE
    “But you called my name… ” said the voice
    “Yes, I said this is a lost cause I want a bagel!” TLMOE whined
    “And I’m the Saint of Lost and Desperate causes. Not bagels” Said the voice.
    Who’s the saint of bagels?” TLMOE asked
    Good question: I’ll send word to Abraham and Moses and we’ll get back to you. Clearly, you’re not ready to cross the veil… We have manna there.” The voice said trying to persuade TLMOE.
    “I just want a bagel with a smear,” said TLMOE crying softly
    “Be brave… You’re from NY. Plenty to eat across the veil. ” Said the voice.
    Who is on that side? TLMOE asked now a bit interested.
    “Everyone… a few are in the fire pit but we won’t go there” Said the voice.
    “Oh… I wonder if FlackyMIG 5 is in the fire?” asked TLMOE
    “Can’t divulge… But word has come, there are bagels across the veil.” the voice announced.
    “I’m ready… Let’s go!” and with that last comment TLMOE crossed the veil to a new life ;-)

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