Weekly Writing Challenge: Dystopia! (The Musical)

Prompt from here.
A thought.

I once read that right before you die
your whole life will flash right in front of you
and the flashback will be really, really, really slow
compared to the microsecond you have.

What if
the life you’re living now
is that flashback?


Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel

Prompt from here.
Just because.

In 1995, life was easy.
The only thing she had to worry about is whether there’s green pea in her soup or carrots.

In 1995, life was nice.
Mama and Dada were always home when she finished class, asking what she did at school that morning.

In 1995, life is colourful.
She managed to colour within the lines and Miss Teacher framed her work on the classroom wall.

In 1995, life is new.
She read different books everyday.

In 1995, she was five.
And she was happiest kid in the world.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward #2

Prompt from here.

Helix ©mk17design

Helix ©mk17design

Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward #1

Prompt from here.

Chang-i ©mk17design

Chang-i ©mk17design

Daily Prompt: Seconds!

Prompt from here.

Beer can chicken ©mk17design

Beer can chicken ©mk17design

The menu was Alcoholics Bar & Grill‘s specialty: “Beer Can Chicken”.

I mean.

It’s marinated chicken and beer and fries and green pea polenta and salad and rich sauce and everything heavenly.

Just when you think it can’t get better, my sister ordered Tequila shots.

My life is beautiful.

Daily Prompt: A Plot of Earth

Prompt from here.

Snappy site analysis:

  • Location: Jakarta
  • Temperature: sizzling
  • Air: pollution, smog
  • Population: mad
  • Stress level: high
  • Traffic: THIS IS SPARTA
  • Life motto: sh*t happens

People need a place to escape the daily grind.

  • Fresh air, lower temperature = more shades, more greenery
  • Calming silence
  • A place to vent without being judged
  • Vehicle-free environment


Silencio ©mk17design

Silencio ©mk17design

Daily Prompt: Undo

Prompt from here.

Talking about un-inventing things, I would probably think of one thing.
Which is not really a thing and this might sound like a sensitive issue so I’m just gonna put this one under a “read more” post.

And the thing I’d like to un-invent is…


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