Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

Prompt from here.

Love ©mk17design

Love ©mk17design


Weekly Writing Challenge: 1,000 Words, Take Two

Prompt from here.
A discreet one, just because the picture screamed “happiness” at me.

I’ve been trying to figure things out like a sir these past 2 months and more than one aspect in my life has now gone haywire, but that’s not the point of this post.

What has been bugging me lately is the fact that I can’t answer when someone asked, ‘Are you happy?’

Hence my insane way of thinking trying to come up with an answer.
In order to do that, I noted the things that makes me smile.
And that is hard.

I’m not an easily-pleased person.
I don’t do smile that often.
So I changed it into a list of things that make me feel good.
Every little thing.

The list ended up pretty weird.

  • Finally seeing my first snow (and blizzard)
  • Japan chocolate Pocky that tastes different from the Thai-made one
  • Stumbled upon a Kengo Kuma building accidentaly
  • The heater works
  • Free text from Docomo to another Docomo number
  • The taste of amazake (and how similar it is to sikhye) in Asakusa
  • Pretty hair clips and necklaces in Harajuku
  • Getting a good fortune in omikuji
  • The wonder that is Hayao Miyazaki
  • Witnessing a prime minister’s face embossed on a cake
  • Umeshu on the rocks
  • Sakura ice cream
  • Throwing a go-en into the box in the Asakusa temple
  • Finding 70 yen in my bag
  • A nice candid photo of me taken by a colleague
  • A cake in the Nezu Museum cafe
  • Transformer ride in Universal Studio, Singapore
  • The music of Jurrasic Park echoing in the theme park
  • Finding out that I have a spare phone battery that’s alive
  • Tokyo Disneyland and its happy-go-lucky visitors
  • …and pretty much a lot of things.

In the end, I realised that happiness is in the simplest things in live.

Happiness is seeing an old couple sitting on a park bench.
Happiness is knowing that someone cares enough about you to wake you up in the morning.
Happiness is having 173 messages in Whatsapp within a day because your friends just love to chat about everything.
Happiness is drinking iced tea under the sizzling sun.

Happiness is easy to find.

You just have to notice where it’s at.

Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go

Prompt from here.


How are you?
Fine. You?


What are you up to now?

The kids?
They’re fine.

You keep saying that.


Fine stands for –
Freaked out, insecure, neurotic, emotional – I know…

I’ve taught you well.
Indeed you have.

So what?

Admit it, we’re running out of things to talk about.

So there will be a day when we meet and just nod at each other because of it.
Is that what you want?

It’s a possibility.

So even you’re not sure of it.

Stop shooting my own words at me.
You asked for it.

I’m only concerned.
About what?

About us.

Don’t you?

Please say something.

Alright, forget what-

Why do you talk to me?

Yeah, why?

Well, we’re kind of going out…
That’s it?

Don’t get all sensitive.
I’m not.

You are.
You brought this up.

I did.

I just want to make sure.

How would you react if I said we should end this.


Don’t cry.
I’m not.

I know, I’m just kidding.
It’s not funny.

I’m not kidding about us ending this kind of thing.
Is that what you want?

Can I ask?


I don’t want to be your boyfriend anymore.

I’m a big failure at it.
You do realise that I don’t care?

You don’t?

So you don’t want me to learn?
Learn what?

How to be a good husband?

Don’t stare at me like I’m mad.
You sound mad.

I’m not. You of all people should know it.
What are you saying?

Well, little miss dense, marry me already.

You’re smiling, aren’t you?
Shut it.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

Beyond ©mk17design

Beyond ©mk17design