We are writers.

We are forgetful people.

It’s likely that we forget your birthday,
or our anniversaries,
or when to pick up our laundries.

But we will remember every single details,
even things you won’t notice.

We remember what you wore when we first met,
and how you might have looked,
what you had for coffee,
or the way your eyes disappear when you laugh.

We are not sappy romantics.

We won’t come to your house at night,
and throw rocks at your windows.
It’s likely that we won’t bring you roses,
or sing you ballads with a borrowed guitar.

But we will spend hours, or days,
picking out word by word,
just to describe in a few lines,
how you make our lives beautiful.

We are writers.

Every word has a meaning to us.
So when we say we love you,
you should know they’re not just words.


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