Daily Prompt: Dear Mom

Prompt from here.
Fiction or not? Guess right and get free virtual cookies!

Dear Mom,

How are you? :)
I do hope you’re doing awesome without me collecting dust in the house :)

Haven’t seen you for two weeks.
Not the first time, but knowing it’ll be harder to have dinner with you is something new. Not necessarily pleasant, but you know, the perks of growing up, getting out of my comfort zone and the blah.

I just want to say thank you for everything.

I haven’t given you enough hugs to express how much I love you, if there’s enough of it to begin with. Going to start giving you more when I’m home. I swear on the lives of my fictional child. Not that I’m supposed to tell you I have some. But you get my point. And you already know how weird your daughter can get, so… yep.

Just so you know, I’m doing all the things you said would happen to me at work. And all the life lessons, too. Doing my best to make you proud. Hope it pays off someday. Maybe not today, but someday, I hope – which is why you should stay happy and healthy with dad to enjoy the sight of your kids making their ways to the top of the world!

Will be back before you know it.
See you next year!

– M.


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