Daily Prompt: Set It To Rights

This short fic is actually half a prompt
But you get my point.
I hope.

What a wonderful way to start a day.

She woke up to find herself still buried under a blanket, feeling warm and fuzzy all over even when the glass windows showed her it was snowing outside. The smell of coffee and fresh pastries seeped through the bedroom door as if making sure she gets up soon. And that was a nice dream she had, too. Not exactly unicorns and macarons, but she dreamt of someone. She smiled, closing her eyes again and sighed, snuggling at the source of the said warmth lying next to her. Five more minutes…


Her eyes jerked open at sudden greeting. Something was off. She went rigid, pulling herself away in reflex.

‘What’s wrong?’ he muttered, propping himself on his elbow. She merely took a deep breath. To think that “the third’s day’s a charm” was not always proven.

‘Nothing,’ she breathed.

He laid back but didn’t take his eyes off her. ‘Bad dream?’

‘No.’ It wasn’t a lie. He would think it was, but it wasn’t. ‘Just… something from the past.’

Her dreams were always nice. In her dreams there was that certain someone. In her dreams she was happy. In her dreams there was no war, and she had never met the man now staring at her with a disbelieved look on his face. In her dreams she woke up to a pair of brown eyes instead of blue. But then the universe conspired against her and decided to wake her up from all those every single morning. She sighed and flopped back on the bed.

What a wonderful way to start a day.


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