Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer

Prompt from here.

My word is a no-fuss and something I’m rather fond of, actually.


Deriving from the words “architecture”, “torture”, and “wonderland”, you might ask how the three correspond with each other – especially the last one.

Architortureland is basically a state of mind usually found in architecture students. This is the phase they go through when their heads are filled with contexts, concepts, schemes, precedents; plan, section, perspective, and 3D drawings; AutoCAD, Sketchup, Rhino, 3DSmax, Grasshopper; survey data, topography, landscape, shading, details; materials, circulation, ventilation, lighting, and all those jazz.

Sounds like torture?
It is.

Sounds like fun?
….well, that too.

Four epic years in the architecture department has been a journey.
Fell over approximately 500 times and learnt how to get up 501 times.

Thousands of sleepless night trying to get things done, cursing your own choice of study and questioning the meaning of your very existence (oh, yes, it happens). On the other hand… the wonder of how all the system work simultaneously, the concept behind it, and how the little things manage to make such humongous impacts…

When you studies the subject, you notice the things that’s previously went unnoticed and/or taken for granted. It’s the fun part. You get to see how amazing things are beyond the facade. By going through all the torturous process of torture, you’ll eventually reach wonderland.

And that, my friend, is what Architortureland is all about.

This state of mind usually has side effects, though.
The discovered symptom are the following:

  1. Caffeine craving.
    Cure: a good amount of coffee, tea, or just food.
  2. Panda eyes.
    Cure: unknown because ice packs don’t help that much.
  3. Epiphanies.
    Cure: immediate action to work on the concept before it goes into thin air.
  4. Loss of will to live.
    Cure: leave work, leave studio, and go to karaoke to channel the frustration.
  5. Broken panic button.
    Cure: none, but try to remember that the deadline’s just around the corner.
  6. Black and/or plain shirt parade.
    Cure: none.

There is no effective cure to Architortureland and it’s assumed to be both contagious and addictive.


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