Daily Prompt: Write a letter to your 14-year-old self.

Prompt taken from here.

Yes, you, you 14-year-old fool.

Will you wake up and smell the coffee?
Stop thinking too much.
And don’t give any attention to those people – karma exists.
Relax a little.
Flunking one single test won’t kill you.
It’ll give you a motivation.
And you will strive.

So… go with the flow.
This is a phase.
It’s called the perks of growing up.
Believe me when I say being overly emotional won’t help.
Because this, too, shall pass.
And greater things will come.
Even greater than your puny 14-year-old brain can imagine.

Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.

Look outside the window.
There’s no use sitting indoor mulling over petty things.
Because the world is bigger than you think.

Your future self.

PS: Hold back the Cheetos and dig up your bloody skipping rope.


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