Daily Prompt: When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?

A short story.
Prompt taken from Plinky and WP Daily Prompt.
Definition copied from online Oxford Dictionary.

Pronunciation: /ˈləʊnli/

  • sad because one has no friends or company
  • without companions; solitary

The little brunette girl frowned as she closed the thick book in her hands.
What does the word really mean, then? she thought.

She looked around;
her five-year-old brain racing and her green eye twinkling in mischief.
The room was empty. So she fulfilled the second definition of the word.
But she wasn’t sad. Did that make her… not lonely?

Mr. Teddy was on her bed – his usual place.
He couldn’t speak, though, but he was her friend.

Her favourite fairytale books were in the shelves.
Mummy put them there every night after she finished reading.
Mummy said they will always be there to keep her company.
So that means they were her friends too.

She smiled.
There was no reason to be sad when they were around.
So she wasn’t “lonely”.

Silently celebrating her new word, she re-opened the book and moved on to the next line.


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