Daily Prompt: Pick A Word. Google Image Search. Write.

So the prompt basically tells us to:
“Pick a random word and do Google image search on it.
Check out the eleventh picture it brings up.
Write about whatever that image brings to mind.”

My word is “SHERLOCK”.

BBC Sherlock, because “brainy is the new sexy”.

This is obviously the Nth time people are trying to remake the legendary, one-of-a-kind consulting detective – and by far one of the best I’ve ever seen. It is, after all, the work of British telly masterminds Moffat and Gatiss.

And a proof that one doesn’t need more than 3 episodes per season to make a sensational show.

The picture above is from the first episode in the first season, titled “A Study in Pink” (deriving from “A Study in Scarlet”).

Considering the title of each episode parodies the title of the original work by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the case and quotes are super canon in a new, excellent way. Obviously the extend of research they’ve done is incredible. Also the fact that they can make Holmes use an iPhone plus a beardless Watson work is refreshing.

The casts!
Benedict Cumberbatch makes an amazing Sherlock, Martin Freeman makes a strangely heart-breaking adorable Watson (MY REICHENBACH FEELINGS), Andrew Scott makes a mad Moriarty, Lara Pulver makes a smexy Adler, Rupert Graves makes a fun Lestrade with his famous “NOT MY DIVISION” line, and Gatiss himself makes a sassy Mycroft.

The Sherlock fandom is seldom trolled by both Moffat and Gatiss, last time with the 3-word spoiler for the 3rd season.

“Rat, wedding, bow.”

While Gatiss had confirmed that “The Empty House” will start everything, the rest are speculated to have “The Sign of Four” and “His Last Bow” as the origin of 2nd and 3rd episode’s storyline.

So we’re gonna see Moran taking a revenge on our favourite detective in the 1st episode.

And then John’s wedding with… some woman, because in the original work there are like 6 unspecified spouses of his. Since Mary Morstan is the one mentioned in both “The Sign of Four” and Guy Ritchie’s version, I’m expecting to see her in the 2nd episode.

Now, “His Last Bow”. I don’t want this to be the last episode but the last keyword is scaring me.

My favourite episode is still “A Scandal in Belgravia”, which is the 1st one in the 2nd season.

I’ve loved Irene Adler since I first read “A Scandal in Bohemia”.
I like Rachel McAdams’ Adler, but I think Lara Pulver hit the spot.

Although I’m a bit disappointed that in BBC Sherlock Irene Adler lost to Sherlock, because in “Bohemia” she totally kicked Sherlock’s butt, hence her nickname “The Woman”.

It’s like… Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law versus Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman all over again.
I flailed at Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock, but I scream for Moffat and Gatiss’.

Since the second Guy Ritchie movie and BBC’s second season ended up with their interpretations of “The Final Problem”, needless to say the 3rd movie and the 3rd season will focus on “The Return of Sherlock Holmes”.

For now, all we can do is… flail, re-watch all the episodes, make up theories about how Sherlock faked his death, write fics to alleviate our Reichenbach feelings, and wait until 2013 when the 3rd season kicks off.

I am Sherlocked.
Are you?


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