Daily Prompts: How many languages do you speak? Do you wish that number were higher?

Prompt taken from Plinky.

First thing you should know: I’m a nerd.
I’ve loved learning foreign languages ever since I knew English (which is my second language by the way).

In a way it makes me feel like I’m abroad whenever I hear someone speaking not in my mother tongue, and God knows how much joy travelling brings me.

So number one would be Indonesian.
Although, quoting what my head of faculty told me when I was working on my thesis…

“Just write it in English. Your Indonesian is so messy.”

That’s how bad my writing skill is in my own language.

Number two would be English.
My English is not perfect (whose is?) but I have to thank my Harry Potter and The Lord of The Rings novels for this one. Believe me when I say I learnt English from them more than 12 years of puny English classes in school.

As far as fluency, I’m gonna stop here. But as far as limited vocabs and grammars and more, this is how far I’ve gone.

Number three is… Mandarin Chinese.
Took courses when I was in elementary school and took more classes in the last months to review them.
Probably the most ludicrously hard one – and yes, I’m talking about the intonations.

Number four, Japanese.
2 years in junior high. Hiragana, katakana, a bit of kanji and a lot of songs copied from romaji to them… and a lot of Nodame Cantabile. Well at least I’m not that clueless in this one.

Number five, French.
After one year, to sum it up… je ne comprend pas Français.

Number six, Korean.
Again all I remember are the basic phrases and how to read hangeul in song lyrics.

Number seven… a little bit of this, a little but of that in German… Croatian… Tagalog… and Turkish. These can’t actually be counted because all I can manage were swearwords and some other I learnt from the movies on the telly.

Do you wish that number were higher?


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