Photo Challenge: Afloat

In response to The Daily Post’s photo challenge: “Afloat.”
Here’s a doodle to keep the memories of people I cared about. Stay afloat.

In memoriam ©mk17design

In memoriam ©mk17design

Daily Prompt: Happy Endings

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Happy Endings.”
I just finished watching FF7 and “For Paul” is giving me the feels. As Dom says, it’s never goodbye.




Airports: people either love this place or hate it.

For some people, it’s a place filled with hope.
In a few hours, they will meet their long-expected events, places, and people they’ve been longing to see. Workers going on holidays. Family members visiting one another. Long-distance lovers and the planned reunion. Friends checking their bucket list one at a time. Colourful suitcases, sunglasses, gifts, expectations, hopes.

For some others, it’s a desperate place.
Business trips separating them from their beloved. Different timezones. Awful airline meals instead of home cookings. Jetlags. All the “goodbye”s and “good luck”s, sobbing and laughter in the crowd that gives absolutely no hoot. A place where they will last see their certain someone.

She could write a book out of the things she sees in this blasted hub, but let’s save the paperback plans for later because right now… there’s this one thing she had to take care of. That one thing is standing right next to her with a trolley of suitcases and a backpack on his shoulder, looking over the queue to see whether she had led him to the correct check-in counter.

Luckily, she had.

He stopped the trolley and dug into his bag as she silently watched, somehow amused at the time he took to try fishing out his ticket and resulting in pulling out a lot of random things instead.
At times like this usually there is at least one banter about how unorganized he is.
That day, there were none.
There were also enough goodbye tears and see-you hugs there to write an entire novel with – there’s no use adding any to it.
That was what she thought.
That was what he thought, too.

So once he found his ticket, he sighed and stared at the long queues at the counters as if bracing himself against the possible chaos ahead. She merely stand there glancing at him every 10 seconds.

One minute.

Three times she wanted to turn on her heels and leave after a friendly “bye”, but even after five minutes passed her whole consciousness root her on the spot. Until he decided to break the silence.

‘You’re going to be okay.’ He smiled, finally taking his eyes off the long lines to look at her.
She took a deep breath. ‘How are you so sure?’

‘Because you’ll find someone better.’
‘I probably will.’

‘So you’ll be okay, right?’
‘Not really.’

‘You know what the funny thing is?’

He knew the answer. He just couldn’t hear it coming from her of all people.
So he didn’t reply.
Thus she continued.

‘I’ve never dreamt for someone better.’

Airports: people either love this place or hate it.
For him, it’s where he last wished her the best and depart to seek his.
For her, it’s where her best kissed her goodbye and leave her with none.

Photo challenge: Ephemeral

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ephemeral.”

Ephemeral ©mk17design

Ephemeral ©mk17design

Sands on your toes?
Yes please.
Beach escapades are never too long!

Photo challenge: Fresh

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fresh.”

Om nom nom ©mk17design

Om nom nom ©mk17design

Fresh from the frying pan?
Made this 김치볶음밥 (aka kimchi fried rice) for lunch on an off day.

No recipe.
Basically just throw everything (that includes whatever you like: cheese blocks, spam, onion… and of course kimchi and rice) into the pan, season it with whatever you feel like seasoning it with, and voilà!

Stockholm Syndrome

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “With or Without You.”

From Wikipedia:
Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with the captors.




We desire things that are bad for us.
That is how human nature is.

‘It’s not good for you.’

I know. I’m not blind.
I just decided to close an eye.

There is never an explanation on how it works.
You don’t really know the exact reason.
You don’t really know the exact moment.
You just know how screwed you are
for craving something
that is
ruining your life.

For some, it’s smoking.
For some, it’s drinking.
For some, it’s drug.
For some, it’s work.

For me, it’s you.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fearless Fantasies” and  “No Apologies”. “Read more” because kids roam the internet freely and this is a feeble attempt to keep them safe.


‘Thanks for tonight.’

The woman picked up the scarlet stiletto off the concrete floor. There was a scratch on the side, an aftermath of the chaotic manner she was in when they were discarded. Pity – they were her favourite. Guess she would have to get the new ones later. After all, tonight’s deed should be enough to cover a proper pair.

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