Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Prompt from here.

Cumberbatch on Time :)

Cumberbatch on Time :)

My ballpoint scribble on my dad’s sketchbook and one of the objects of my obsession.

Me fangirling over Sherlock Smaug Smauglock is no secret to anyone who knew me in real life, but the fact that I haven’t been able to properly draw this guy’s face even once is maybe something I’m not ready to tell them yet…?

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Humankind hasn’t been able to find a way to cure cancer.
That is how small we are in the eye of mother nature.

This post is dedicated to one of my dearest relatives.
She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few months ago.

Right now, I can’t do anything but pray for a miracle.
It might not alleviate the matter.
But if you could do the same it would be a tremendous moral booster.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Family

Prompt from here.


Elsa ©mk17design

Elsa ©mk17design

This can’t scream “family” louder than anything I can draw, soooo~
There’s Elsa for you :)

And if you had to ask who this is then you should really watch Frozen.
Awesome music and awesome animation.
And Queen Elsa.

Zero to Hero + Daily Prompt: Blogger of Repute

Prompt from here and here.
Since we’re speaking of reputation, I’m compiling the nicest (or funniest) things people have ever said.
Also because I need motivation in times like this.

‘You must be very happy.’
- that moment when I looked too glad.

‘How could you be so positive even when things got… well, like this?!’
- that moment when everything seemed to fall apart, part one.

‘Please fail. Only from failures you can learn.’
- that moment when everything seemed to fall apart, part two.

‘Why do we always end up eating in silence?’
‘Because food is always good.’
- that moment when… food is good.

‘Among all, you are the strongest of all.’
- that moment when everything seemed to fall apart, part three.

‘If it makes you feel better, I’m sorry I hurt you.’
‘…but you should know that I didn’t mean it.’
‘I know.’
‘I’m a terrible liar.’
- that moment when booze takes over.

- that moment when Torrent won’t finish downloading my Sherlock season 3.

‘Wait – it’s too soon for stupid.’
- that moment when we haven’t met for a long time and suddenly everything is junior-high-level conversations again.

I’m gonna add up to this every time I think of something nice :3

Added on 19.01.14

‘We only live once. Why make it hard to bear?’
- a wise friend.

‘Don’t watch them, they’re all lies.’
- my Korean boss on Korean dramas and their awfully sensitive guy characters.

Added on 08.02.14

‘Oh, so you like to watch people get eaten.’
- my ex-boss when he spotted “Game of Thrones” and “Attack on Titan” folders in my laptop.